Looking Up at WTC Plaza-86

This photograph was taken by Owen Franken ~ The World Trade Center Plaza in 1986  

911 Park

New York City


Not knowing what to expect

we stand in line and wait.

Sunshine Saturday

people with purpose

 enter the modern steel and glass structure.

Escalator takes us down

 a hush falls

eyes open wide

the wait over;

life as we know it will again change forever.

Virgil's Quote at Memorial



An amazing museum has been built with love and honor and respect

So we don’t forget.

Bent Beam


Huge beams twisted

Walls pushed back

The weight of the world


in images

in person

Touching, telling, overwhelming


Beams at 911


Phone messages replayed

Morning show video clips

News anchors in shock

Notes, shoes, clothes, photographs

Fire engines

Survivors stairs

Stories recalled

Timelines put it all together for us

Every single person I pass has folded their arms across their chests

Eyes tearing up

emotions no longer guarded

young and old

we grieve

we cry

We read about the heroes;

those that pressed on

pushed forward,

ran back in

and we will never forget



One World Trade copy

Reflecting Pool 911


Stepping into the daylight

we pause at the reflecting pools

Waterfalls of peaceful power

I am so proud of my fellow Americans

We are such a strong country

We are an unyielding mass of humankind

We are

We will remain

We are one

They believed this would crush our spirit

It unified our country

We stand together

This I will never forget

Lady Liberty Strong