For as long as I can remember

I’ve looked for them;

Meaning in the rainbow’s beams

slowly splashed across a gloomy day.

Double Rainbow Reality 800x1200

Figures in the ever changing clouds.

Cloud Kings 1200x765

Wishes on the distant stars

catching them as they streamed across the dark night.



Shooting Stars of the 4th1200x800

Inspiration from a prophetic dream.

Zodiac Dream

Fork in the road decisions

leading to safe passage.

Wmsburg bridges

Doors open and shut daily,

somehow guided,

we choose and discover.

Doors to Unknown804x1200

“Stop, look and listen.” was the mantra of millions of mother’s

told to toddlers crossing into the big world.


Time to

Stop, Look and Listen


to the signs.

Found Love Letter 900x1200

A side note ~While walking in a parking lot one day I stopped to read what was laying in the grass.  It was this child’s hand drawn love letter.  I’d like to believe it was carefully placed for all to see and share. A simply powerful message.