Stepping through the park on the cliffs set above Laguna’s Main Beach, I encountered scores of people from all walks of life, all ages, shapes and colors, dressed in white. We came with a purpose for connecting, for the afternoon, with an artist and her vision to elevate the human element and our ever present, yet unseen connection of spirit from the earth to the stars and all that is encompassed within that constantly evolving give and take.

I was happy to be greeted by friends and make new ones. We learned the importance of our participation by meeting Lita, hearing her recite a poem, which helped define her purpose that day. There was great energy and a calming solace in the crowd.   Taking our place in the immense lineup, we were asked to acknowledge being grounded with the earth and to respect the message which we were relaying.

To stand stoically along the oceans edge in total silence, when what seemed like hundreds of curious onlookers watched, was an amazing feeling. People walked by snapping photos, children wanted to join the line and I could sense those adults watching wanted to belong too.

The sunset slowly and breathtakingly across the Pacific Ocean and I felt my feet sink into the wet sand, as if the land were claiming me. I felt the ground shake as the waves broke to my left and then I began to move ever so slowly as Lita’s daughter, Jasmine Albuquerque in a blazing red dress, gently set me spinning and I illuminated a small blue light. At that moment I was ART, not painting it, not photographing it, not writing about it, but rather becoming it. I was helping fulfill a brilliant vision and along with some 200 other souls, we brought the sun and the earth and the stars into one performance for the crowds to see and feel. I was awe struck by the seemingly effortless connectivity and simplicity. I believe that our presence on this earth is all part of a bigger picture and this day was an inspiring example of confirming that concept.

We concluded by traveling back to the Laguna Beach Art Museum where we gathered in a small room, our line wrapping tighter and tighter in a spiral until the last participant was Jasmine.  She set off a celebration cheer and we all held up our blue lights and yelled with happiness and an exalted sense of completion of our purpose that evening.

A simple fall day where everything lined up, culminating in a once in a lifetime soul reaching experience.


Lining Up copy