She accepts traveling to far away places

is in the past,

acknowledging that each last visit

stamped a ceremony of finality

into the recesses of her heart.


Living large with an executive in the mainstream of corporate life,

my mom was led to points across the globe.

Often moving, many homes sheltered us

from upstate New York to Southern California.

Rooted in Virginia with grandchildren throughout the country,

her reach is far.


Living with a husband whose memories disappear

like a candle on a windy day,

she has to keep lighting it.

The warmth it provides is fleeting yet all she has.

He is there and he is not

Sixty years of marriage

Vows of a lifetime.



Evening in Paris was what I bought for my mom,

my pennies saved up.

Magic in a beautiful cobalt blue bottle,

perfume so exotic and heady.

As a child I thought I could bring her the world

Now I realize we are it.

The keeper of the memories, the heart and soul

and in our eyes she sees the man she used to know,

in our voices she hears the storyteller who commanded the crowds,

in our serenity she feels the comfort of the man who knew when to hug her.


Nightfall brings wakeful dreams

To walk on a beach with sand covering tired feet

remembering romance and the endless love

which carries her through her days.


Waves &Man Silhouette