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Radiate Kindness Years ago I discovered a tiny little purple Rock Of Kindness in the Pacific Northwest and was both delighted and intrigued.  A year later across the country in Boston, I discovered another one with the simple message “Shine” and was hooked.  I gathered up my paints and pens and wrote messages of love and gratitude on over 100 rocks.  My family took off in different directions throughout Laguna Beach one Thanksgiving night and stealthily deposited them on planter boxes, benches, signs, the boardwalk, in trees, etc.  Later we couldn’t stop talking about how much fun it was to be part of someone’s future joy! And so the story began. I proceeded to hand out my small but mighty gifts of inspiration to friends as they traveled the globe. Imagine my glee when I received photos from India, Scotland, Chile, Columbia, Poland, the Netherlands as well as across the…Continue Reading