We traveled across continents to start a trip of a lifetime, cameras poised, carry-ons rolling behind us, guide books pocketed and passports placed where no one should find them.  (This often made it difficult to access the Euro’s we had unwittingly stashed alongside the well hidden passports.) Paris was our first stop and we had heard that the locals were proud and stubborn. They were “Parisians” and I was supposed to understand what that meant and be ready. I will admit, we struggled communicating with those around us as. High school Spanish and a brief stint with Mandarin Chinese didn’t come into play when walking through the shops. We turned to improvised sign language and translation apps to work our way through the hungry crowds of diners, finding sanctuary at tables for 5, thankful that they served ice cold water and wine to quench our thirsts.  Declared the hottest summer in Europe…Continue Reading