Earth Sanctuary Whidbey Island
Walk with me and take in the serenity of EARTH SANCTUARY on Whidbey Island, Washington.  Meander through 72 acres of nature carefully designed with respect to what the land always offered and the spirit quests.  Listen to the wind as it winds its way through 3,000 trees to reach you.  Observe the elegant cranes as they take quiet refuge in the numerous ponds. Step inside the 20 ton dolmen and center yourself. Stand in silence along side the huge granite monoliths encircling a fire pit established for contemplative visitors.  Spin the Tibetan prayer wheel and hope for greater peace in the world, your world. Watch the multi colored flags wave in the breeze as you step up to the Buddhist monument.  Labyrinths, meditative hikes, reflecting benches, stone structures, simple colorful cairns are all laid out for discovery. Renew the spirit and rejuvenate the soul for a few moments.