I am riding along side the Big Dipper or so it seems. Honolulu headed to Los Angeles at 39,000 feet window shades drawn up pitch black skies with stars so close I want to pull them in and put them in my pockets.   Familiar murmur of the late night cabin; sleeping adults and animated children, the steady muted drone of an airplane going 575 mph.   We seem suspended in this darkness, living our momentary purposeful lives yet moving forward.   Vacations ending and reality revving up again. The waves, cleansing warm rains, family embraces, laughter and memories tattooed onto our hearts and souls will remain long after the tans fade.  
Emerging from the shadows, propped upside down, I spied the underside of a much traveled rowboat.   Born of trees, formed by hand, a vessel that carried the lives of men across turbulent seas.   Recently removed for renewal, now drying in the sun, stripped down.   Dedicated labor, sanding, glueing, screws tightened shredded ropes replaced primed, painted soon to be sea worthy and flipped right again.   This small boat will continue it’s greater purpose; Journeying souls where Fate’s wind blows.    
Rainbow and cosmos Photograph compilation by Lisa Hughes Anderson
“The true harvest of my life is intangible – a little star dust caught, a portion of the rainbow I have clutched.”
  I want to run full speed down the sidewalk of my youth again.   Not thinking about what lies ahead or around the next turn. Not out of breath or worried about what is waiting for me.   I want to scream with elation at the top of my lungs, with my friends surrounding me and know they will want to play tomorrow.   I want to put my head on the soft cool pillow and fall into a slumber so deep only the morning sun can wake me, not the woulds, coulds and shoulds that linger in the corner of rooms.   I want to pedal my bike again, pick my feet up off of the brakes hands spread out to the skies feel the wind rush through my hair.   I want to take a joy ride.    
Artist ANDREW MYERS fascinating work as seen at The Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach, California. Myers uses, screws, wood, metal and oil paint to create these three dimensional portraits. I love that he uses something so accessible and literally builds a painting.
A VIEWPOINT FROM THE LINE OF LITA ALBUQUERQUE’S PERFORMANCE ART AN ELONGATED NOW Stepping through the park on the cliffs set above Laguna’s Main Beach, I encountered scores of people from all walks of life, all ages, shapes and colors, dressed in white. We came with a purpose for connecting, for the afternoon, with an artist and her vision to elevate the human element and our ever present, yet unseen connection of spirit from the earth to the stars and all that is encompassed within that constantly evolving give and take. I was happy to be greeted by friends and make new ones. We learned the importance of our participation by meeting Lita, hearing her recite a poem, which helped define her purpose that day. There was great energy and a calming solace in the crowd.   Taking our place in the immense lineup, we were asked to acknowledge being grounded…Continue Reading